Company History and Profile
Jetworld Inc. was established in 1991 to capitalize on the geographic and business strengths of family members. 
In 1994, JETWORLD invested in American International Bank as a major shareholder.  Mr. Leo Lee served as Vice Chairman and director of American International Bank until 2000 when the bank merged with East-West Bank.
In 1995 JETWORLD’s Automotive Accessories Division registered "The Alarmor™," series for a worldwide patent, and supplied these products to America's largest mass-merchandisers. JETWORLD is EDI capable and our clientele includes COSTCO, TARGET STORES, WALMART, K-MART, FRED MEYERS, and SAM’S CLUB.  
In 1998 JETWORLD imported a line of pagers and owned the exclusive marketing rights to JETPAGE™ pagers.  JETWORLD supplies this line to a vast array of entities including re-sellers, retailers, distributors, and carriers.  Our paging clientele includes 12 out of the top 20 carriers.  JETWORLD currently has a nationwide network of 1000+ wireless companies that sell our product.  The majority of these companies are retailer/re-seller establishments.
In 1999 Mr. Leo Lee invested in Oak Valley Golf Club (rated a 4 stars golf course) and co-projects with Holiday Inn, and Oak Valley Convention Center located in Beaumont California.    www.oakvalleygolf.com
In 2000 Mr. Leo Lee and Mr. Mark Hardin formed a new company located in the City of Orange, Airflow Collectibles. Airflow Collectibles manufactures antique collectable replicas in China.  Their persistence in product development and services has turned them into an industry leader.  They are now considered the pinnacle of Antique Replicas. www.airflowinc.net
In 2001 JETWORLD imported a line of Invidia brand exhaust system products for automobiles and owned the exclusive marketing rights in United States.  JETWORLD supplies this line to a vast array of entities including retailers, distributors.
In 2003 Mr. Leo Lee formed JW Wireless became Verizon Wireless authorized Master Agent and Premium Retailer in West ,South and Northeast area .
In 2007, Mr. Leo Lee as a co-founder of American Plus Bank and served as Vice Chairman and director of American Plus Bank http://www.bankaplus.com/



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